Miami, Fla. – Jan. 4, 2018 — The inaugural meeting of the newly formed Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society will take place on Friday, Jan. 26, in Miami during the World Stem Cell Summit. The society’s goal is to promote the scale-up of regenerative medicine manufacturing technologies and processes to facilitate the smooth and quick transition of new therapies to market for the benefit of patients.

Society members – who represent industry, regulatory agencies, academia, non-profit organizations and investment and funding agencies – will share their knowledge and work together to create solutions to manufacturing challenges.

The World Stem Cell Summit, an annual event organized by the Regenerative Medicine Foundation, is a translation-focused global meeting of stakeholders. More than 1,000 attendees are expected.

During the first four days of the summit, manufacturing will be highlighted in a variety of sessions, including a presentation on bioprinting. The final day of the summit will be devoted exclusively to manufacturing and the meeting of the Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society.

Anthony Atala, M.D., director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine and a founding member of the society, will speak on the need for regenerative medicine manufacturing.
“Regenerative medicine therapies are already benefiting small groups of patients through clinical trials,” said Atala. “While there is still much to accomplish scientifically, the field is at a tipping point. If we are going to bring high-quality, cost-effective therapies to patients, now is the time to begin the important work of developing the manufacturing processes. Collaboration between stakeholders is vital to success.”

During the day-long meeting, technical presentations and break-out discussion groups will focus on standards, automation and logistics, bioprinting, and cell manufacturing and scale-up.
The Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society is the world’s first professional organization dedicated solely to advancing the field of regenerative medicine through manufacturing. In addition to serving as an information clearinghouse, the society supports professional and workforce development and promotes the infrastructure for the field’s success.

The society’s vision is to assemble a diverse network of stakeholders who will work to enable the scale up tools such as chemical compounds, the development of standards and the seamless integration of platform technologies with regulatory pathways.

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