How profound is the coming age of cell and gene therapies? Answered simply, it will profoundly impact medicine and humanity. Converging “Future Shock” technologies. Societal change.

How big? Think the Industrial Revolution- the Bronze Age- the discovery of fire-origin of consciousness- a futuristic blast of potentially species-altering events with massive economic and geopolitical implications. Happening lightning fast!

Are you ready? Do you understand the giant scope of what is happening?


For 15 years, World Stem Cell Summit and Phacilitate Leaders World have brought together thousands of thought leaders and stakeholders from around the globe. All came with a shared passion, to expand their knowledge, forge collaborations, and ultimately deliver cures.

In one week the World Stem Cell Summit and Phacilitate Leaders World co-located meetings will take place January 22-25, 2019 at the world’s crossroads, Hyatt Regency Miami. This event is the universal conclave for stakeholders and super-ecosystem event, trans-disciplinary and created to breakdown silos.

The sessions at these events will showcase critical and actionable intelligence that is timely, comprehensive and direct.

Importantly, we are creating a special experience for attendees- a wonderful environment to network and collect opportunities, thereby delivering the ultimate venue to forge collaborations.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb described the power of collaboration thusly:

”Collaboration has explosive upside, what in mathematically called a super-additive function, i.e., one plus one equals more than two, and one plus one plus one equals much, much more than three. That is pure nonlinearity with explosive benefits…. Crucially, this is an argument for unpredictability and Black Swan effects; since you cannot forecast collaborations and cannot direct them, you cannot see where the world is going. All you can do is create an environment that facilitates these collaborations, and lay the foundation for prosperity.”

Stem cells, regenerative medicine, and advanced therapies represent the very future of medicine and the potential for salvation- relief from sickness and suffering, longer healthier lives plus an array of unpredictable societal benefits impacting all life.

Such an important cause mandates super-additive collaboration of the highest kind- one that lays the foundation for prosperity and cures.

Make sure you have a seat at the table!

It will be in Miami, January 22-25, under the lights and swaying palm fronds. Collaboration is the numero uno. We hope to see you there!