Dear Friends,

We hope that in the midst of these unprecedented times that this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and well. At present – and without hyperbole – our world is faced with crisis that knows no borders, race, or creed. While an invisible foe, the real-life life and death ramifications have been staggering.

The Regenerative Medicine Foundation – by our very nature – have always kept an eye open looking towards the future; towards what medicine could and should be.

From our inception, we have been fortunate to hold deep partnerships with all in stakeholders in the field: patients, finance: governments; research; clinicians; institutions; academia; start-ups, corporations; to name a few. We have been in an almost constant state of updates from such partners from around the world as it relates to combating this pandemic. These efforts are collective and promising; red tape is being removed from holding up promising therapies and life-saving research to be enacted immediately.

For now though, we cheer on our heroes – the medical professionals around the world who are on the front lines against that formidable invisible opponent. We remember those that have passed and those currently in a fight for their own lives.

In closing, in these most trying of times please remember that we are ALL in this together. This crisis has shown that we really are one human race that is far more alike than geopolitical strife may try to convince otherwise. Take care of your neighbors and loved ones as best you can. Know we WILL return to some semblance of normality soon. We will come through this and continue to forge new paths of medicine together again soon.


RMF Team