Washington, DC (August 31, 2020) – The Alliance for Cell Therapy Now, the Regenerative Medicine Foundation, and the Cord Blood Association will co-host the interactive, virtual event, Exploring Public Policy: Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies, on September 16, 2020, as a pre-conference to Cord Blood Connect.

Participants can register for this all-day event, free-of charge.

Bernard Siegel, executive director of Regenerative Medicine Foundation, said, “To get things done, it is mandatory to be informed of current and future public policy initiatives, especially in the age of the pandemic. The familiar pathways of product approval and funding are rapidly evolving to address the current crisis.”

“Leaders representing academic research, government, health care providers, industry, investors, payers, and patients will come together to explore the key policy issues now facing the field, including the need for large-scale clinical trials, cell characterization and collaborative evidence development, rapid scale-up of manufacturing, new payment models, and workforce development, “ said Janet Marchibroda, president of Alliance for Cell Therapy Now. “Now, more than ever, public and private sector leaders must work together to take the necessary steps to help bring safe and effective treatments to patients in need.”

Regenerative medicine and cell therapies represent the next generation of groundbreaking treatments that are showing great promise in cardiology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and—most recently—COVID-19. Thousands of clinical trials are now underway, including more than 70 that are exploring the use of cell therapies—including MSCs—for seriously ill patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

Key Topics:

  • Updates from Policymakers: Administration and Capitol Hill
  • Insights on Outcomes from Use of MSCs for Patients with COVID-19
  • The Role of Government in Advancing Clinical Trials and Research
  • Scaling Manufacturing of Cell Therapies: Current Capabilities, Key Strategies for Moving Forward
  • Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Workforce: Where We Are Today; Key Actions Needed
  • Roundtable Discussion on Key Policy Actions Needed to Advance the Field
  • Special “101” Session for Those New to the Field: About Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies

Confirmed Speakers: 

This is a widely attended event.


About the Regenerative Medicine Foundation 

The Regenerative Medicine Foundation (RMF) has conceptualized and produced seventeen annual World Stem Cell Summits, the World Stem Cell Summit-China (2019), Equine World Stem Cell Summit (2016), three Regenerative Medicine Capital Conferences and ”Human Cloning in all its aspects” at UN Headquarters (2004). RMF has provided—through its journal partners—15,000 published pages of articles. Together with its world-class advisory boards, partners, friends, and colleagues, RMF advocacy efforts have moved the needle and served as a catalyst for action, thereby contributing to the forging of a societal framework to accelerate discovery and translational medicine to improve health and deliver cures. See https://www.regmedfoundation.org/

 About the Alliance for Cell Therapy Now

Alliance for Cell Therapy Now (ACT Now) is an independent, non-profit organization devoted to advancing the availability of and access to safe and effective cell therapies for patients in need. ACT Now convenes experts and stakeholders to develop and advance sound policies that will improve the development, manufacturing, delivery, and improvement of regenerative medicine and cell therapies.  ACT Now has just launched a collaborative evidence development project through its Alliance for Cell Therapy Research. See http://allianceforcelltherapynow.org/