Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Developing a safe and effective pathway for regenerative cell therapies requires a deep understanding of the workings of government agencies, funding and industry. Through considerable observation, I have learned that the most powerful agent for change is public appreciation. It is imperative that we amplify the strong voice of patients, families and their friends – and thereby transform the promise of stem cell research into cures. Such is the transformative power of hope!

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The featured video in this message is my 2013 TEDx wherein I share my personal journey from courtroom lawyer to stem cell advocate. It is a well-worn story but at this moment of Covid and other existential crises, I hope you might indulge me and take another look. I have witnessed firsthand the power of patients joining together with scientists, clinicians and industry. We can work together to deliver lifesaving treatments.

For nearly two decades, the Regenerative Medicine Foundation (formerly Genetics Policy Institute) producer of the annual World Stem Cell Summit, has worked to accelerate the field of regenerative medicine, engaging all constituencies to our shared common goal – improving health and delivering cures, sooner rather than later.

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RMF is proud to share voices of hope and courage through our Portraits of Hope series, which can be viewed on our website.

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Bernard Siegel
Executive Director
Regenerative Medicine Foundation
Founder, World Stem Cell Summit