CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 14: “The Stem Cell Initiative” webinar was held on Oct 21, 2020. This event was organized by patient advocacy group SUMMIT FOR STEM CELL FOUNDATION – “VICTORY OVER PARKINSON’S”

MODERATOR: BERNARD SIEGEL, Executive Director, Regenerative Medicine Foundation; Board Member Californians for Stem Cell Research, Treatment & Cures and the Americans for Cures Foundation


MELISSA KING, Executive Director Americans for Cures

DAVID JENSEN, Publisher, California Stem Cell Report

JEANNE LORING, PhD., Professor Emeritus at the Scripps Research Institute

KRISTIN MACDONALD, Patient advocate and advocate for Americans for Cures

JUDY ROBERSON, Patient advocate for Huntington’s Disease; President of the Joseph P. Roberson Foundation

Time Stamps:
0:00 Dr. Suzanne Peterson, Chief of Regenerative Medical Operations, Summit for Stem Cell Foundation
4:58 Bernie Siegel – welcome remarks and panel introductions
16:58 Melissa King – CIRM overview and Prop 14 vision for Regenerative Medicine
24:25 David Jensen – voter assessment and criticisms of Prop 14
37:49 Jeanne Loring – research funded by CIRM
40:48 Kristin MacDonald – story of advocacy (retinitis pigmentosa)
47:55 Judy Roberson – story of advocacy (Huntington’s disease)
53:16 Questions from the audience
1:04:18 Closing remarks