RMF’s Bernie Siegel celebrates the passing of California Prop 14 with patient advocate Kristin MacDonald, who was instrumental in publicly supporting the initiative. Kristin and Bernie each share the physical and emotional life experiences that have inspired them to appreciate and support innovative research and treatments in the pursuit of cures. Kristin motivates and inspires people facing all life challenges in her highly rated podcast, “Second Vision”.
Time Stamps:
0:08 Bernie confirms Prop 14, Stem Cell Research Institute Bond Initiative
2:08 Kristin’s journey to diagnosis with retinitis pigmentosa
4:14 Bernie shares his diagnosis with colon cancer
5:05 Research and treatments to stop RP degeneration
9:16 Embryonic retinal progenitor cells
9:51 Next steps for Kristin, in light of COVID-19
10:35 Advocacy and affiliation with Americans for Cures
13:19 Creating a “new vision” as an inspirational speaker
15:12 Coping with the devastation of a diagnosis through advocacy
17:13 Life’s purpose and inspiration ultimately realized