Visual Arts

We are proud to collaborate with notable visual artists.

Regenerative Medicine is a source of inspiration for artists, whose work, in turn, inspires others, and all of us, to connect deeply to our shared mission of accelerating regenerative cures.

Kelly Milukas

Kelly Milukas is a professional multimedia and multi-faceted artist.  Her Keys to the Cure works are sculptures, paintings, and installations that she creates as an expression and instrument for raising awareness for Biotechnolgy and Regenerative Medicine advances and therapeautics. She collaborates with international scientists, laboratories, leaders, and educators in science and medicine. She presents lectures on the imagination and innovation that art and science partnerships can bring to communication, education, and advocation for patients.

Windows on Earth

Windows on Earth is an educational project that features photographs taken by astronauts on the International Space Station. Astronauts take hundreds of photos each day, for science research, education and public outreach.  CASIS (Center for Advancement of Science in Space) is a Sponsor of Regenerative Medicine’s World Stem Cell Summit, and provides funds to develop and operate the Windows on Earth project.

Claudio Castillo

In Claudio Castillo’s Generative Art , the worlds of painting, animation, and computer programming conspire together in a subtly subversive take on software art. The watercolor image has traditionally existed as a unique original, along with the possibility for reproduction. Software art has often focused on a program generating complex images that mirror the endless variables made possible by computer coding.


Ilus Arts

Ilus creates cellular biotech art! At ilus, we discovered art in the laboratory…in the beautiful images of human cells that reflect life at the microscopic level. To create the images, cells are first grown on glass coverslips and chemically fixed to preserve the structure and appearance of the cells. The cells are then treated with fluorescent probes, such as antibodies and dyes, which recognize and bind specific molecules in the cell.

Christopher Ross

Born in Manhattan, New York, award-winner sculptor Christopher Ross has earned an international reputation for his animal wearable fine art and portrait sculpture. His work has been featured in international magazines and is currently on permanent view at Yale University Art Gallery and has been exhibited at New York’s Museum of Natural History and other top venues. Through the sales of his belts and other work, Christopher Ross supports various charities including WWF; the Eve Branson Foundation in Marrakech; and Regenerative Medicine Foundation.